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Free Kings Kente

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JIST is finally here and for our first print, we are travelling to the land of gold, Ghana. Ghana is a land rich in culture but easily one of the most iconic identifiers of Ghana is its woven material: Kente.

For me, Kente is so rich; from the colours to the texture, to the meaning... Everything about it exudes power. We couldn't resist using it to inspire our flagship print.
When I first started wearing Kente, I was only able to obtain the wax incarnations but when it came time to create this bag... I knew I had to have more. I wanted to see Kente in its pure and beautiful, woven form so, after a ton of research, I took this iconic Kente design and added my own touch.

"Free Kings" means so much more to us here at JIST than just the regality of Ghana's people and culture. It's truly about liberty, as the name implies. We hope that same feeling washes over you when you're carrying this with you.
Once again, West Africa to Africa and Africa to the world.


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