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What’s In My NICKster?

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Hi JIST Familia, 

The Average Nigerian Female here again with another tale ft. the NICKster, enjoy.

Sometime in November, I had to go Ghana to attend a conference and by some divine intervention, I packed up the NICKster along with my necessaries and waited till the D-day. I arrived and conferenced like every other confrencer while my backpack sat in the wardrobe in my hotel room till one day when I put 2 and 2 together, and I decided to carry my backpack with me. The first 2 being Kente is of Ghanaian origin and the second 2 being that I’m in Ghana. You get the picture.

As a conference goer, there are quite a number of things I need to have with me and as a female, you can trust my bag to be filled with the weirdest things; from gum to makeup to personal effects and toiletries to a certain extent.

Luckily for my somewhat organizational skills, I managed to pull off having all my usual junk as well as the things that were important fit into my backpack and in a very coordinated manner (when my phone rang, I didn’t need to empty my bag in search of it, I literally just reached in and knew exactly how to angle and direct my reaching hand) and the interior and exterior pockets also helped quite a lot.

So in each of the portions this happened;

  • Tablet pocket – in this part, I put all my tiny things and of course my tablet. From lipsticks to balm to lotion to pens to jewelry. It was all in there.
  • Main interior – my camera, jotter, sweater, powder brush and powder, a bottle of water, spray bottle, and I also packed the lunch we were given at the conference in.
  • Large exterior pocket 1 – power bank, camera battery charger.
  • Large exterior pocket 2 – I fit in both my phones (an iPhone 6 and a Samsung J7 pro)
  • Side exterior pocket 1 – sanitizer, spare battery for my camera, charger head and charger cables for both my phones
  • Side exterior pocket 2 – money, gum, and some munchables because why not.


While the NICKster isn’t particularly the largest bag on the block, it can quite comfortably house a number of items and thanks to the multiple sections; you can have a fairly — very organized interior based on how well your organizational skills are.


Get with the JIST, get you a NICKster and thank me later.

Welcome to JIST COUTURE!

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