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NICKster Unboxing

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This is a short narrative of the NICKster unboxing as experienced by The Average Nigerian Female.

Once upon a time, I received a parcel from JIST Couture. It came in a brown carton box. The typical kind you get when you order for things from ‘the abroad’; brown, square, lots of tape, complete with the DHL stamp and documentation.

I opened that up and saw bubble wrap which I proceeded to pop (I can’t help myself around it), and after popping all the bubbles, I noticed underneath the bubble wrap, there was another box, just like the Matryoshka doll effect native to the Russian folk.

The box has a magnetic flap going on and yes, that distracted me for a short while till my phone buzzed breaking me from that trance. I was kissed with the scent of luxury. Literally kissed and trust me, you will get butterflies. I’m a huge fan of nice scents and it said a lot that this scent didn’t assault my senses like some products I’ve received and it also didn’t make me sneeze or make my eyes tear up (still speaking from experience here guys).

Nestled in the box, was a simple cotton bag that held the bag. I peeled back the cotton bag and got a glimpse of the solid version of my bank account in physical form and I was finally facing the NICKster.

The leather felt sturdy and true to the description on the official page of JIST couture, it is 100% leather, has gold plated hardware, crushed velvet interior, the whole works. I’m pleased to say that the bag is definitely what was advertised and much more.

Welcome to JIST COUTURE!

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