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JIST Reborn

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The JIST is here! Nick and I have worked so hard to bring this to you all! Everything we are is in these products and we can't wait to share what we have in store.

Our dream is to bring to you the cultures of not just our own people, but as many African peoples as possible; in a beautifully modern way. It's time for us to champion the identities of our people.

We as Africans are so rich in diversity. Every skin color can be found in Africa, every hair type and color can be found in Africa, every eye color can be found in Africa... With all of this, there can never be enough art praising the magnificence in Africa's design.

So here we are, to add our luxury incarnations to this bundle of African-inspired art by Africans.

Prints will abound, textures will abound, resources will abound. You will only find the most luxurious materials here. Every detail will always be attended to. Every color will be more vibrant than the last because we are JIST.

So everyone... come on this journey with us! Get with it... get the JIST!

Welcome to JIST COUTURE!

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