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Product Care

Here at JIST Couture, we are very much focused on providing you with a very beautiful and very durable product. Though this is the case, we encourage all of you as our customers to take as much care of your bag as possible, so that you can enjoy it until the end of time.

Here is a simple guide we’ve made that will enable you to care for your bag the JIST way:


- Please do not overload your bag. JIST bags are very sturdy however, heavy or large items may damage or deform the shape of the product.
- Make good judgment when environmental conditions are at extremes. Direct and/or extended exposure to humidity, moisture, sweat and heat may transfer color and/or change the shape of the product.
- Direct and/or extended exposure to sunlight or illumination may discolor the product.
Please be wary of alcohol and oily substances (perfumes, cosmetic products, body oils, etc) as they may damage or contaminate the product.
- External friction may cause color transfer, contamination and abrasion. Vibrant/bright colors may be more susceptible to this. Products may get scratched or may deform from external friction or shock.


- Be sure to store the product in its shape when not in use. Replace the original JIST tissue paper that comes with the product and place the bag in the original JIST dust-bag.
- Remove the straps and wrap them in tissue paper. The best thing to do is to place them inside the bag (wrapped in tissue paper). If the straps cannot be removed, still wrap them in tissue paper and store inside the bag or adjacent to the bag. Never store them underneath the bag.
- Use a soft and dry cloth to gently blot and tap the product. Do not use cloths or solvents intended for other purposes. We advise against the use of any solvent.
- Please do not wash and/or dry-clean.

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